Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment : Options beyond Steroids, Methotrexate

( This rheumatoid arthritis treatment write up is based on the experiences of thousands of patients living happily with the below-mentioned treatment.)

rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Soon after starting Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment, we realize that the drugs are KILLING us. The Painkillers / NSAIDs, Prednisone / CorticoSteroids, Methotrexate / Immunosuppressants etc., all have life-threatening side effects. We wish to quit the medicines. But then rheumatoid arthritis ( RA ) will hit us by slowly attacking all our vital organs ( heart, lungs etc.).  We know that we are losing the battle, we feel helpless and ask…..

What exactly will KILL me – the Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment or the RA itself?

…Moreover, is there any safer way of rheumatoid arthritis treatment without any fatal side effects?

These are the most frequently asked question about rheumatoid arthritis treatment nowadays. Following write up explains why and how a Continuous AYURVEDA Treatment + Occasional use of MODERN medicine (when you flare up or when the pain aggravates) is the best treatment module. The module kills RA but saves your life.

RA, as you know, is an autoimmune disorder. It affects your vital organs ( heart, lungs etc.) and not only the multiple joints. Hence when you are concentrating on the pain and swelling of your multiple joints, the disease might be attacking your heart and push you towards the higher risk of heart attack. So, it’s clear that the disease wipes you out if you don’t manage the immune system properly.

On the other hand, the medicines used for rheumatoid arthritis treatment are not safe. The drugs primarily aim at suppressing your symptoms at the COST OF YOUR LIFE. The drugs have potentially serious side effects like :

rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Heart Failure

Severe Lung Infection

Severe Liver Damage

Kidney Damage

Bone marrow depression

Higher risk of infections.

Now we’ll discuss the right treatment choice. But, before that, we must be familiar with the simple definition of the autoimmune disorder.

What is “AutoImmune disorder”?

In a layman language, it’s a disorder in which our auto/self immunity starts attacking our own body in place of protecting it. It’s something like your bodyguards ( whose primary duties are to protect you) start attacking you. Immune system or immunity is a system which usually protects our body from outer infections & other health issues. But why do our immunity start attacking us?

The Rheumatoid Arthritis TREATMENT OPTIONS.

Let’s use a hypothetical case for elaborating rheumatoid arthritis treatment options. Suppose in a democratic country, 10-20% population starts opposing the continuous bad policies of the government. These are the policies which may actually harm the country significantly in long run. The rest 80-90% of the population, as usual, don’t care & do its regular duty.

( country = your body,  population = your immunity, bad policies = bad routine, food habits etc.,   the government = you)

Now the government (you) can deal with the rebels (10-20% immunity) in following Three ways:


Have Talks with the 10-20% of rebels and, in the best interest of the country, withdraw all the bad policies. This will lead to the partial or complete withdrawal of the revolt. Moreover, that 10-20% population will merge into the mainstream and support in the development of the country. This is called MODULATION.


Continuing the bad policies & trying to suppress the voice of the 10-20% rebels by force ( like using army). This is called SUPPRESSION.

When the government uses the force, initially the revolt seems to be weakening. But soon the 80% inactive population slowly starts joining the rebels due to sympathy or other factors. ⇒ The government can’t control its entire population by using force. ⇒ Now the majority of the population revolt against its own government policy.⇒  consequently, the country becomes weak and very much susceptible to outer attacks.

(force = Various Drugs, outer attack = Infections)

Modulation + Suppression

Using MODULATION (as a major plan of action) + SUPPRESSION (in a minor way). One should use ‘suppression’ only when furious revolt occurs despite the modulation in the process.

Most of us have been using suppression as a mode of treatment for RA till now. Use of only ‘suppression’ rather kills us in place of treating us.

The BEST Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Option that HEALS you & DOESN’T KILL you.

“Modulation (primarily) + Suppression (minimum)” method is considered to be the best treatment option to defeat the RA.

Ayurveda medicines Modulate your immune system whereas Modern Medicines Suppress your immune system. ”

A Continuous AYURVEDA Treatment + Occasional use of MODERN medicine (when you flare up or when the pain aggravates) is the best treatment module to kill RA and save your life.



Modulated immunity means body FRIENDLY immunity. Friendly immunity FIGHTS FOR US & doesn’t fight against us.

Modulated immunity don’t attack your vital organs like heart, lungs etc. Hence it greatly reduces chances of heart attack & other organs’ dysfunctions.

In RA, when the immunity is modulated, it significantly reduces the inflammation of joints. Therefore the pain and frequency of flare-ups reduce significantly. Thus one can significantly reduce the use of Modern Medicines. By lowering the use of modern medicines, you significantly cut down the risk of their fatal side effects.  Consequently, your healthy life expectancy is surely going to increase.

We’ll discuss on how Ayurveda brings about modulation in some other write up. Thanks for your patient reading. I’ll decide the next topic as per your preference. So please leave your valuable comments and feedback.

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  1. Sandhya jain

    Really a nice writeup sir…. would like to know whether RA can also attack below 16 years age group?

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      thanks for the appreciation sandhya. As per scientific data, RA should affect an age group of 40+. But in our clinical practice, we are observing increasing no. of patients of under 16 years age group coming with RA signs & symptoms. This is mainly because of the food habit and our irregular routine and many more factors. I would discuss these factors in an article. Regards.

  2. Aditya

    Very nice and informative article hope that u will discuss other chronic illness also for healthy India

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Thanks, Aditya. I’ll try my best to discuss the correct treatment approach for various chronic diseases as much as possible. Regards.

  3. Hariom Prakash

    Very informative article on RA. Hope it helps the patients and help them to choose the right path of medication, which is Ayurveda. Looking forward for your next article.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      obviously hariom, Ayurveda provides you the right way of treatment if you follow the norms.

  4. Anshika Tiwari

    It was really very informative… Sir .. Thanku for awaring us.. But it may be good for us if u can share with us that how these ayurveda medicines act in our body and help us.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      sure anshika, will try to do it in future articles (though it’s very complicated).

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      welcome Dr. Venkatesh!

  5. Dr prem choudhary

    This is very good article for explaining RA and it affects on the body and vital organs plz share Ayurveda treatment ,as per your experience

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Thanks, Dr. Prem.
      I would try my best to discuss RA treatment in some other blog in simple language.
      Ayurveda treatment of RA (or any disease) varies from patient to patient as per their prakruti (genetic makeup).
      Hence discussing this subject in a language which common mass could understand is a challenging task, though I’ll try.

  6. Nityananda seal

    Nice and informative article. I am Arthritis ( sero negative rheumatoid) patient and have been suffering for last 15 years. At present my condition is not good.
    So far I didn’t take the medicine seriously but now it is beyond my control.
    Your article inspired me. I like to know more.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Hi Nityananda ji.
      delayed response is deeply regretted (due to a busy schedule @ my opd).
      Would be happy to help you. Request you please to send all your medical reports to my mail id (given in “about dr” section).
      (or send your details at [email protected])

  7. Kuldeep

    Can you provide how we can reach you ? My mother is suffering from last two year, your help would be appreciated.

  8. Bhargav Trivedi

    I am 74 years old vegetarian retired male having RA and take Methotraxate 20 mg tablet once a week since past 4 years as per my rheumatologist doctor. I also catch Cold and Kaph 3 To 4 times in a year for which take Ayurvedic or alopethic medicines.
    Please suggest suitable Ayurvedic medicines to take regularly to control my ailments.

    Bhargav Trivedi
    Cell #

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Bhargav trivedi ji…
      will get back to you soon.

  9. Kill

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    Did you develop this amazing site yourself?

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      hi kill
      Thanks for the kind & encouraging words.
      I would always keep on trying to come up to the expectations of lovely people like you.
      Kind regards.
      Vaidya Ranjeet Sharma

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  11. Sudarshan

    My wife (34 years old) is suffering from RA and it’s very painful to see her joints stiffness and pain when we wake up in the morning. And in day time, pain is less, but it’s still present. Looking for a permanent cure. Kindly help.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Hello Sudarshan Ji
      you may please send all the details (lab reports, scans, details of the treatment taken till now) @
      [email protected]
      we’ll contact you soon.
      kind regards.

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