Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment : Options beyond Steroids, Methotrexate

( This rheumatoid arthritis treatment write up is based on the experiences of thousands of patients living happily with the below-mentioned treatment.)

rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Soon after starting Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment, we realize that the drugs are KILLING us. The Painkillers / NSAIDs, Prednisone / CorticoSteroids, Methotrexate / Immunosuppressants etc., all have life-threatening side effects. We wish to quit the medicines. But then rheumatoid arthritis ( RA ) will hit us by slowly attacking all our vital organs ( heart, lungs etc.).  We know that we are losing the battle, we feel helpless and ask…..

What exactly will KILL me – the Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment or the RA itself?

…Moreover, is there any safer way of rheumatoid arthritis treatment without any fatal side effects?


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