Can Voveran 1 ml injection cause Kidney Damage??

Can Voveran 1 ml injection cause Kidney Damage?

In a layman language, Voveran is a painkiller injection available in the market.

Painkillers are one of the most frequently and irrationally used drugs in the Indian scenario.

We mostly observe abuse of painkillers in arthritis patients. We suggest arthritis patients follow the best arthritis treatment option and use painkillers only if necessary.

A large number of the population even don’t consult the physicians before taking painkillers.

Most of them prefer injections over oral dose for faster relief.

And among all these situations, there comes a shocking allegation.

The allegation is that “Voveran 1ml injection causes kidney damage”.

The allegation was made by Troikaa pharmaceutical against Novartis AG.

Voveran is a brand name which contains the painkiller diclofenac sodium. Themis Medicare Ltd manufactures and Novartis India markets diclofenac sodium under the brand name Voveran.

“The diclofenac injection, marketed by Novartis, contains Transcutol” alleged Troikaa pharmaceuticals.

Transcutol damages kidneys.

Regulatory bodies in US, Europe and other parts of the world (including India) do not permit use of transcutol in injections because it damages kidneys.

On the basis of this allegation, Troikaa pharmaceuticals filed a petition demanding ban on Voveron citing public health concern.

Noteworthy and interesting point is that Voveran 1ml injection is in competition with Troikaa’s own painkiller injection Dynapar AQ. 

However Themis spokesperson told Mint (the news source) that the product is absolutely safe.

This controversy has confused the doctors and the common mass as well. No one knows the truth till the moment.

But irrespective of the truth (whatever it be), should not we become more rational while using painkillers, antibiotic etc?

Should not we say a big no to the frequent use of the painkillers? We must keep in mind that our body and its health is our responsibility.

Always take your food as your medicine otherwise you’ll have to take medicines as your food.

Along with daily routine food, one must consume Ayurveda food supplements ( containing multiple herbs) like Chyawanprash, Brahma rasayana etc. to keep your body in perfect and healthy condition.

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  1. Ashwani Mishra

    Respected sir,
    Is there any painkiller available in ayurved which is effective as voveran or dynapar ??

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Hi Ashwani.
      Really a good question which everyone must know.
      Ayurveda has PAIN-MODULATORS and not painkillers.
      Pain is not a disease.Pain is an indication of “something wrong” happening inside the body. You need to deal that “something wrong” inside your body and the pain will be gone.
      Take an example of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), where the pain is due to autoimmune disorder. We take painkillers, steroids, methotrexate etc. to suppress the pain but nothing helps the patients.
      As soon as IMMUNITY MODULATION is done by Ayurveda medicines and procedures, RA patients start feeling painless.
      Now you yourself decide which one is more effective medication.
      I don’t criticise painkillers but suggest to take it only when it is extremely needed. Otherwise better MODULATE YOUR PAIN WITH AYURVEDA.
      Frequent use of painkillers will KILL YOU & NOT YOUR PAIN.

  2. Raj Sharma

    Good information Doctor Sahab. Suggest some natural diet which help in controlling auto inflammation related problems.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Welcome, Raj.
      Natural diets are there. But they are NOT SAME for each & every patient.
      Your natural diet for your inflammatory disorder completely depends upon your PRAKRUTI(genetic makeup).
      So i suggest you please to have a detailed consultation with a qualified Ayurveda physician & get your PERSONALISED diet plan ready.
      Please don’t go through any online Ayurveda knowledge. It adversely affects 90% patients.

  3. Vd Rakesh B

    Your Comment Here…Good information sir
    this information will help awareness of use of painkiller

    pain is a symptom that indicate something pathology happening in our body

    Ayurved treatment is not only subsid pain also destroy pathology by Ayurved medicine diet regimen and lifestyle modification

    Thank you sir provide good information

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      welcome vd rakesh b.

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