CHYAWANPRASH : Elixir or Poison?

(This article about Chyawanprash might sound crazy to you because the truth always sounds crazy. Shockingly, if Amla, the chief ingredient, is not ready in November / December, how can Chyawanprash be ready in the market? Following article is written on the basis of clinical experiences of Vaidya (Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma and interpretation of classical Ayurveda Texts.)

CHYAWANPRASH : Elixir or Poison?


A general perception is that Chyawanprash is good for health and help us in fighting various diseases. It, if prepared & consumed as described in classical Ayurveda texts, has the potency to protect you from many life-threatening diseases. It has brought about miracles in many abandoned patients. You need to consume chyawanprash seriously only for 02 – 04 months in a year. Thereafter it’ll take care of you for the rest of the months of the year.

But unfortunately chyawanprash, commonly referred as “elixir of life”, has now become poisonous. It is primarily because of lack of knowledge among common mass. The responsibility, as usual, also lies with almost all the manufacturers & their profit-making mindset.

First Chyawanprash Advertisement: Unveils the Conspiracy.

Ask yourself, when do you start seeing a chyavanprash advertisement on television? I think it is around the month of November. In November amla (Emblica officinalis)  fruit, the chief ingredient of chyawanprash, is completely unripe. Ayurveda advocates use of only FRESH and RIPE amla fruit (see the pic.) for chyawanprash preparation. From the health perspective, Ayurveda highly condemns and prohibits the use of unripe amla in any form ( and not only in chyawanprash). Now it is quite clear that anyone advertising in November or December would not be using ripe amla. They might be using either unripe or previous year dried amla. Chyavanprash prepared from unripe or dried amla exerts a harmful effect on our health. In order to sell their products first, the manufacturers are completely ignoring norms told in ayurvedic texts and hence destroying our health.

Advertisements never give you following important information.

Amla is only a little part of the story. There is a compromise with the authenticity of herbs & various important ingredients of chyawanprash like – Black sesame oil, pure desi cow ghee, honey and many more. Have you ever received information about the following chyawanprash related facts?:

Which Month should we actually Start consuming Chyavanprash?

Which time of the day is perfect for consuming it?

How much chyawanprash should we consume in one season / one year?

How much chyawanprash should we consume in one day?

(we’ll discuss all questions further in this article.)

Separate Batch of Chyawanprash for Each Person.

Chyavanprash is never meant for mass / commercial production. One batch is meant for only one person. One batch produces around 5-6 kg of Chyawanprash. If one batch is manufactured for more than one person, it loses its almost all classical properties. Charak Samhita (the original ayurvedic text for chyawanprash) clearly mentions that for a single person, we should prepare one batch of chyawanprash of around 500 Amalaki only. So the problem starts right with its preparation. ( If you are a regular user of chyawanprash, it’s really great for your health. For chyawanprash real benefit, we highly recommend you to get your personalized batch prepared from a highly qualified Ayurveda doctor or make it yourself.)

The healthiest edibles on the earth may act like poison if processed & cooked incorrectly, consumed at a wrong time & in the wrong amount.

It is you who has to decide whether you are taking chyavanprash for real health benefits or just taking it without any concern (just because your favorite film star or cricketer is advertising it). Now, in very short, we’ll discuss all the above-raised queries one by one:

Which Month should we Start consuming Chyawanprash?

As per the Ayurveda texts, its preparation should start in the month of Maagha (around first to second week of January). Because, as per Charak Samhita, Maagha and Phalguna are the months when the amla (Emblica officinalis) become almost ripened and possess the highest potency. Hence the perfect time to start consuming chyavanprash is around the second week of january.

Which time of the day is perfect for consuming chyawanprash?

It should form the first meal of the day i.e. at the time of breakfast. In an ayurvedic language, one should consume it in rasayan-kaal i.e. in the morning between 6.00 -7.00 AM. ( Don’t go for the advertisement where they usually tell you to take it after dinner.)

How much chyawanprash should we consume in one season or one year?

One batch (made up of around 500 amla & other ingredients) should be completely consumed in one season. One batch, if prepared correctly, produces around 5.00 – 6.00 kg of chyavanprash. We should start consuming it around the month of January and continue it till we finish the entire quantity.

How much chyawanprash should we consume in one day?

It should be the first meal of the day. One should take it between 6.00 – 7.00 AM along with lukewarm milk. The amount of chyavanprash which satisfies your hunger at the time of breakfast (6.00 – 7.00 AM) and is easily digestible by lunchtime is the actual dose we should consume daily. The dose may vary from person to person because of the difference in their digestive fire. The daily dose may also vary even for the same person. The daily dose for a single person may vary due to the change in the body physiology due to the impact of chyavanprash.

A lot more is there to discuss but the article has already become lengthy. To sum up, I would say that everything in this world is medicine if you have a rational approach otherwise a blind approach converts everything into poison.

Please leave your valuable comments and queries. I would try my best to answer each query. Kind regards.


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  1. Satyam

    Been eating and hearing about chyavanprash since my childhood but if rightly said i never got those miracles as we heard about chyavanprash has potency to do.
    But now I know the truth why it is sometimes underrated and sometimes overrated .
    Thnkyou so much for sharing this article to us.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      it’s really nice to know Satyam that the article could convey the truth to you. Conveying real information about the Ayurveda treatment, procedure, and medicines to the common mass have been the real aim of creating this blog.

  2. Ashwani Mishra

    it is a knowledgeable article
    I have listen lots of joke about chawanprash but never had a intellectual conversation on it, but now i am very happy to have a inspirational person my guru ji which plays a self-churing role in my life towards Ayurved,
    please keep writing …..

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      welcome ashwini

  3. Mahendra Singh

    It’s really very useful and an eye opening article. Thanks for sharing Dr. Ranjeet.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      welcome mahendra

  4. Amit Tripathi

    Very informative facts!! Such true essence of Ayurved should come out to the whole society to take actual benefits. Its teh great social service by you sir…

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Welcome amit

  5. Satyam

    1. Sir if we try make chywanprash by self then what will be the estimated cost . told us the procedures to make chywanprash but todays everyone has lack of time and want to purchase directly from the trustworthy seller so plz Let us know from where we can purchase original chywanprash .

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Hi Satyam,
      1. Mass production of anything reduces the cost significantly. But as you came to know from the article that Chyavanprash is never meant for mass / commercial production (for each person, a separate batch is prepared). We are preparing in this way and our manufacturing cost for 01Kg chyawanprash comes to be around Rs.650-750/- (depending upon the availability of the authentic raw materials at the time of preparation).
      2. its much better to get your personalized batch of chyawanprash prepared from a highly qualified Ayurveda doctor than to purchase any brand from the market. No brand will make a personalized batch for you which is an unavoidable requirement to get benefits of chyawanprash.
      Hope I answered your queries completely. Regards

  6. Sandeep Kumar Singh

    Very informative facts!….

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      welcome Sandeep

  7. Gunja gupta

    Your Comment Here… of life threatening which chyawanprash is effective? ?

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Many are there… but I would like to cite the most commonly known Rheumatoid arthritis. Chyawanprash, if prescribed along with suitable medicines (as per prakruti of the patient), works as a wonderful immunomodulator. If immunity is modulated in an autoimmune disorder, the half battle is won.

  8. Nikita Tiwari

    Do you make a personal batch of chyawanprash? If yes, can you guide me on how and when can I order my personal batch of chyawanprash?

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      Delayed response is deeply regretted Nikita tiwari ji.
      This year (for 2019) we have changed our rules regarding last date for accepting the orders and we are accepting the orders “TILL 05 JANUARY 2020” (because of the sudden internet problem and many more problems faced by our already existing customers). Usually we DO NOT ACCEPT any orders AFTER 25 DECEMBER. Because, due to LARGE NO.OF ORDERS, we find it difficult to arrange authentic raw materials for a new order after 25 December.

      You need to go through and fill the following form in order to make an order:

      Vaidya Ranjeet Sharma

  9. Why cant we consume Amla directly?
    Why to use such product which doesnt have any proper instruction or quality measures.

    1. Vaidya ( Dr.) Ranjeet Sharma

      You can of course consume Amla directly, but that should be “ripened” amla.
      Please clearly specify about the product you have mentioned (having no proper quality measures) so that I could clear your doubts.

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