Dabur Chyawanprash Vs Patanjali Chyawanprash

Dabur Chyawanprash Vs Patanjali Chyawanprash

Dabur chyawanprash vs Patanjali chyawanprash, which one is the best?

This is one of the most common questions about chyawanprash which I, Vaidya (Dr) Ranjeet Sharma, encounter from the health-conscious public.

I myself will not decide it.

Rather I will empower you with the classical criteria on which a chyawanprash must be evaluated.

Classical criteria are the criteria set by Classical Ayurveda Texts (Charak Samhita, Ashtanga Hridaya etc.) thousands of years ago, to manufacture authentic chyawanprash.

But before moving on, the first question is for you:

Why Do You Eat Chyawanprash?

95% of my clients say “for health”.

But 5% of clients are also there who eat it “for taste”.

This article is not for the 5% population.

95% population should further read this article.

Remember, one can avail Health Benefits of Chyawanprash only if one prepares the chyawanprash as per the norms given in classical Ayurveda texts.

AMLA (Chief Ingredient of Chyawanprash) Selection Criteria:

Dabur Chyawanprash Vs Patanjali Chyawanprash

As per Ayurveda texts, for chyawanprash preparation, we should collect:

Ripened Amla

Only ripened Amla posses all the medicinal values & have full potency.

& Fresh Amla

Hence, a “Freshly Prepared Chyawanprash” from “Fresh Ripened Amla” is exactly what we should consume.

Note that UNRIPE AMLA is HARMFUL to health in long-term use and is STRICTLY CONTRAINDICATED.

The people who find it difficult to believe could see this pic for the reference from original Ayurveda texts:

Dabur Chyawanprash Vs Patanjali Chyawanprash
Contribution: Dr Bipin Bihari Kesari.

January – Amla Starts Ripening

Amla starts ripening (and possess full potency) in or around January (Magh month in Hindi) as per Charak Samhita.

January – Actual Month of Chyawanprash Preparation & Consumption.

We need fresh ripened Amla for chyawanprash preparation.

Fresh Ripened Amla is available in or around January.

Ayurveda advocates use of only such Amla for chyawanprash hence chyawanprash preparation should start in January. 

Such freshly prepared chyawanprash, on consumption, provide all the mentioned health benefits.

Now, you are empowered with real knowledge. Now consider following facts:

Dabur Chyawanprash vs Patanjali Chyawanprash: When Does First Advertisement Appear?

In or around September, we start seeing chyawanprash advertisement for any company.

Obviously, any company makes its products available in the market before airing the advertisement.

It means these companies already prepare the chyawanprash in or before the month of September.

Dabur chyawanprash vs patanjali chyawanprash: In September, How is Chyawanprash available in the market?

It’s obvious that the freshly ripened amla (an unavoidable ingredient of chyawanprash) is not available in the market in September.

But at the same time, in September, chyawanprash of many companies (making high claims) are available in the market.

How come?

It is the prerogative of the companies to explain it & clear our doubts.

Various Possibilities How One Can Present Chyawanprash In September.

Using Last Year Prepared Amla PISHTI

Suppose I have an ample amount of amla this year.

In order to launch my chyawanprash in September next year, I need to preserve the amla.

To preserve the amla, most of the companies make pishti.

Pishti is made by frying pulp of boiled amlas.

Now the problem in this method is that we are violating the rule of “FRESH amla for chyawanprash”. (See the shloka in the pic.)

Using Last Year Dried Amla

Drying amla this year and using it next year for chyawanprash preparation.

This is not at all acceptable. (See the shloka in the pic.)

Well, many more points are there in order to evaluate the quality of a chyawanprash. For other interesting points, you must read : Chyawanprash: Elixir or Poison?

If you wish to consume authentic chyawanprash for health benefits from January onwards then you may order us  your chyawanprash:

Dabur Chyawanprash Vs Patanjali Chyawanprash

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References (for Dabur Chyawanprash Vs Patanjali Chyawanprash):

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