DENGUE MEDICINE: Benefits, Preparation Method & Doses

Dengue Medicine 1-month regular use reduces dengue fever attack chances by 70-80%. (Source: From last 07 years, Thousands of patients of Vaidya Ranjeet Sharma have been using this medicine as soon as the monsoon starts or from mid-July onwards).

If you are already suffering from it, this medicine helps most of the patients avoid Low Platelet Count situation.

DENGUE MEDICINE: Benefits, Preparation Method & Doses

You CAN NOT stop a mosquito to bite you and insert a virus into your blood. You can not stop the virus (inside your body) to attack your immunity.

But you CAN make YOUR IMMUNITY SO STRONG that in a FIGHT of the virus and your body immunity, your immunity MUST WIN.

Dengue Medicine: benefits, preparation method & doses.

Vaidya (Dr) Ranjeet Sharma has been using Dengue Medicines successfully from the last several years of his practice. It has been a great success among the public. Following article is based on his experiences on innumerable patients.

Dengue Medicine: Why To Use It?

Makes Your Immunity Strong.

Dengue medicine (or Dengue fever medicine) is a herbal combination which makes your body immunity strong. A strong immunity saves you from anything attacking your body.

Kills Virus

Dengue fever medicine strengthens your immunity.

The strengthen body immunity effectively stops dengue virus multiplication.

Helps Platelet Count Increase

Actually, platelets reduce in number because of their continuous destruction due to the virus.

Dengue fever medicine stops virus multiplication ( because of strengthened immunity).

Once virus multiplication stops (due to dengue medicine), platelet itself starts increasing & reaches to normal limit within few days.

Papaya Leaves, Goat Milk etc. do NOT increase platelets. Click here to Know More.

Dengue Medicine: When To Use?

Dengue Medicine: benefits, preparation method & doses.Dengue medicine is primarily used in monsoon / post-monsoon seasons (July, August, September, October) in the following conditions:

As a Prevention in Monsoon Months ( as soon as Monsoon Starts)

Most of our patients have been using this dengue medicine as a prevention to the illness in July, August, September and October. Only 1-month use of this medicine has helped most of the patients avoid dengue fever in dengue dominant season.

From the First Hour of Fever.

If you feel a fever or a headache or pain behind the eye, start dengue medicine right from the first hour.  Click here for details of treatment in the first hour.

Dengue medicine is highly effective and it subsides these symptoms on the first or second day in most of the cases.

Patients using dengue fever medicine from the first hour rarely need to get admitted to the hospital.

But you must know the conditions when you must rush to the hospital. Click here to know When A Dengue Patient must Rush To a Hospital.

Dengue Medicine Preparation.

Dengue Medicine Preparation: Step-I

Dengue Medicine: benefits, preparation method & doses.

To prepare 1.25 litres of dengue fever medicine, take 46 gm of each of the following herbs:

  • Chandan (Laal / Red)
  • Bharangimool
  • Ativisha
  • Musta
  • Vasa
  • Bhumiamalki
  • Amrita
  • Kutki
  • Chirayata
  • Haritaki
  • Vibhitaki
  • Amalaki
  • Nimba
  • Dhanyaka
  • Maricha
  • Tulasi
  • Sunthi
  • Haldi
  • Daruhaldi
  • Pippali
  • Pippalimool
  • Chitraka
  • Indrayava

The combined weight of all the above herbs is around 01 kg.

Even for an expert, it’s very difficult to obtain authentic herbs from the market. So we advise you please to consult an Ayurveda expert in order to check the authenticity of all the herbs.

Mix this herb combination with 20 litres of fresh water & leave overnight (or for 08 hrs.).

Dengue Medicine Preparation: Step-II

Dengue Medicine: benefits, preparation method & doses.

Next morning (or after 08 hrs.), put the entire mixture (1kg herbs + 20 L water) on medium flame.

Use the only medium flame to boil. A high flame will destroy medicine’s quality.

Boil it continuously till it is reduced to 5 litres.

Now filter it.

Again put this 5 litres filtered liquid on medium flame.

Boil it on medium flame until it is reduced to 1.25 litres

This is dengue fever medicine. Now you can use this fresh decoction (kadha or kwath) for the patients.

We have told the simplest form of preparation. A decoction (liquid) and a powder are what we send to our patients (having the same herbal combination).

You can also buy this medicine from us only at Rs.2000/-.

dengue medicine

Dengue Medicine: How To Use?

Mix 10 ml of dengue medicine with 40 ml of lukewarm water and give it to the patient. (if you have received the medicine from us, also give 5 gm of powder we provide.)

The person/ patient should take the medicine only after having some food or juice.

Usually, the medicine is given two times a day (morning, evening) for the prevention of dengue.

Usually, the medicine is given three times a day (morning, noon, evening) to a patient suffering from dengue.

But we suggest to give it at an interval of every 02 hrs in severe cases.

If you need to take allopathic medicine, keep at least 01-hour gap between dengue fever medicine and allopathic medicine.

This is all about dengue fever medicine.

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