Poisonous Narendra Modi and Desi Cow Ghee.

Congress leaders and Modi share the same poisonous relationship with each other as a fly does with the Desi cow ghee.

No Intention To hurt Mr Narendra Modi Fans.

This article is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings for a particular leader (whether Narendra Modi or any other leader).

Poisonous Narendra Modi and Desi Cow Ghee.

Narendra Modi and Desi Cow Ghee, Both Affect My Life.

As an Indian citizen (and as an Ayurveda doctor as well), I have the complete democratic right to express my views regarding a matter which affects my health directly or indirectly.

Mr.Narendra Modi, as a present and future PM (if he gets elected again), and Desi ghee, as a prime food substance, both affect my life significantly.

But why did I choose desi cow ghee and flies as a comparison criteria with Mr Modi and Congress? Read ahead to know.

Who is Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi is:

  • Chor (Chowkidar Chor hai?)
  • Duryodhana
  • Aurangzeb
  • Gandi naali ka keeda
  • Neech Aadmi
  • Yamraj
  • Maut ka saudagar
  • Ravan
  • Monkey
  • Rabies Victim
  • Virus
  • Bhasmasur
  • Gangu teli
  • Goon…… etc.

No, no, don’t get angry or happy at me.

These terms (or filth) were used by various serious Congress leaders for Mr Modi and not by me. Mr Amit Shah informed all of us about this.

Mr Modi also expressed his anger towards Congress time and again (though he rarely used ill words or phrases)

Is Congress hatred towards Narendra Modi, or vice versa, really Wrong?

How can such a genuine hatred (between the two) be wrong?

You must be unbiased before analysing this hatred in order to decide whether it is justified.

Before discussing the rationality of this hatred between the two, we must analyse a natural relation.

This relation is about hatred of a fly towards traditionally made Desi cow ghee.

A Fly Always Hates Desi Cow Ghee – Why?

It is always told (by our forefathers) that a fly never even dares to come around a drop of pure cow Desi Ghee.

Even if a fly licks the cow Desi ghee accidentally, it’ll die.

All of us know that pure cow Desi ghee is extremely beneficial for our health.

It is not at all poisonous for we people.

But the same ghee proves to be fatal for a fly.

You can never convince a fly to lick the ghee even by explaining all the beneficial properties of the ghee to the fly.


Because the genetics (or Prakruti) of the fly doesn’t allow it to accept the desi cow ghee.

The Prakruti (Ayurveda term for genetics) decides the likes and dislikes for a creature.

So finally we can say that the fly is not wrong if it does not accept the cow Desi Ghee. Its Prakruti does not allow it to do so.

Or you can say that the fly is naturally designed to hate the desi cow ghee.

Just imagine that the same Desi ghee which is so significant for a normal human being life may become fatal for a fly.

A fly always naturally spread the diseases while the cow Desi ghee always promotes health in a normal person.

Obviously, a normal human being always prefers cow Desi ghee and health over the flies and diseases.

Narendra Modi & Congress Vs. Desi Cow Ghee & Flies.

We are a normal human being.

Obviously, for our health betterment, we would prefer cow Desi ghee and would like to eradicate the flies.

Now out of Modi and Congress, who is Desi ghee and who is a fly?

It’s only the public who have to decide this.

The Indian public is smart enough to differentiate between the right and the wrong (or the ghee and the fly).

On 23rd May 2019, we’ll come to know about the smart public decision.

We’ll come to know about the original Desi ghee of India or about our beloved future Prime Minister.

Till then, keep the fingers crossed and hope for the best, and also search about your own prakruti.

Because knowing your prakruti is very important in taking various health and career-related decisions. Hence you must know your prakruti.

In order to get Dr Ranjeet Sharma‘s help in deciding your prakruti online, please click the following button:

Poisonous Narendra Modi and Desi Cow Ghee.

And please do not forget to vote for the right candidate.

You may also express your precious views in the comment section.

Thanks & Regards.

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